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Franco-Britannique meetings -2018-2019
activité non reconduite en 2018-2019, faute de participants anglophones en nombre suffisant.
Discussions franco-anglophones (French)

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Free for UTL-LP' members

Our meetings :
On thursday
from 10h to 11h30,

Calendar of Events
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No extra subscription is required for the Franco-British meeting. You sign up for the UTL in its entirety… The sole requirement being that you attend the meetings regularly.

The meetings begin on Thursday October 11th with an introductory first meeting. Meetings are held in the auditorium of the « Moulin de Blanchardeau » at Lanvollon , from 10 o'clock to 11:30 am.
Calendar of Meetings : click here

To express yourself better in French, to make new friends and discover more about Brittany, the Lanvollon-Plouha UTL suggests our meetings with like-minded French members to discuss and have conversation with them .

At each meeting, a text is introduced which, during the first half-hour, is read out in both French and English. Afterwards, the evenly mixed French and English-speakers share a table (4 to 6 per table) where they hold conversation, first in one language and then in the other.

One member of each table, 'elected' each week, is expected to ensure the participation of all members at the table.

NEW: Two variations of the regular meetings were organised by current members during the last season. If some other volunteers are prepared to make the effort, and if such variations go to promote the bilingual discussions, these variations will continue in the course of the season 2014-2015

Contacts : Claudie POLES

Contact by mail : utl.lanvollon.plouha@orange.fr


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Franco-Britannique meetings

Calendrier prévisionnel 2018-2019

Chaque jeudi et suivant le calendrier ci-dessous

Rendez-vous à 9h55 dans l'auditorium de Blanchardeau

Les rendez-vous du 1er trimestre :
les jeudis 11 et 18 octobre., les 8, 15 et 22 novembre , 6, 13 et 20 décembre.

Déroulement des séances

Début : 10h (présentation et lecture des textes)

10h30 - 11h30 ( discussions par groupes de 5 ou 6)

11h30 fin de la rencontre et rangement du matériel (tables et chaises)

Un suivi régulier est demandé
Merci d'avertir pour les absences éventuelles

En cas d'empêchement, prévenir :

par e-mail : utl-lanvollon.plouha@orange.fr


Contact par mail : utl.lanvollon.plouha@orange.fr